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With a great stock of spanish fluorite, in ecomMinerals, your minerals eCommerce, we are always looking for the best relation between price and quallity, we offer you minerals from all around the world that we look for them in the best european mineral shows: Sainte Marie aux Mines Mineral & Gem, Munich… and of course, through our own personal providers.

Now you can find our minerals in our auctions on, where we program auctions every month of the year, or at least it’s what we try ūüôā



Why ecomMinerals, your minerals eCommerce?

We love¬†minerals and all around them, that’s the main reason why we work on ecomMinerals, your minerals eCommerce. We want¬†to try that¬†minerals collection ¬†becomes a hobby¬†of all children and adults, because minerals are a true reflection of the beauty that nature offers us and the power of geological processes.

Collecting minerals  closer us to nature and allows us to discover the world.

How we started collecting minerals

We started when we were young, when we wake up curiosity about the world around us and the stones were¬†small treasures.¬†Still we keep some of those specimens collected or purchased when we still did not know who we were or who we wanted to be.¬†Systematic in boxes of 4×4 was our world, and every time we saved something, we run to the bookshop that has those little tresours¬†under the glass counter.¬†Today the bookstore is still open, we do not know if they continue to sell minerals, but are confident that greatly influenced what we are today and what we do.

Years passed and minerals remained in the drawer. Adolescence took us to other interests like music, literature or sports. But all that becomes a passion should return at the end. As fate would have in 2005, a chance encounter returned to remember that old collection of minerals forgotten in a drawer. Since then, 11 years ago, our passion for minerals has grown, until it became a part of our daily life.

From collect, to ecomMinerals, your minerals eCommerce

We know we want to be part of a world steeped in history, not in vain the first online store that was opened in Internet was a minerals store. We know we have to earn the confidence of collectors and fans, and show that besides trying to live selling minerals, we are passionate about minerals. We look at the big merchants and take as a reference. As role models. Because if minerals are something special, besides their beauty, the best part is that each piece is unique and that uniqueness is that each collector seeking and retrieval, to find the copy of the mineral that best suits your aesthetic criteria.

We are taking our first steps and we are delighted that you want to join us.

Take a look of some minerals we have been on sale last two years.

Enjoy the mineral passion with GPSmineral!

logo-gpsmineral-graf-sin-fondoGPSmineral is an online mineral magazine in which you’ll find items that will help you take your first steps into the world of collecting mineral and deposits discovering, learn to photograph your specimens¬†… In addition, you will find everything you need to know about minerals such as pyrite, fluorite, aragonite, calcite, barite…¬†¬†And learn the different ways to classify or identify them.

What mineral are you looking for?

Now comes your moment, the time when you must decide what minerals are looking for. In ecomMinerals, your minerals eCommerce, you will find worldwide minerals to collect, but especially spanish fluorite from Asturias. If what you like are the auctions, you can visit us at e-Rocks, minerals auctions where we do almost every week, usually tends to begin and end an auction every Thursday.

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